Tenant Reference Report

Tenant Reference Report

Tenant referencing provides you with relevant information to make an informed decision on a prospective applicants suitability.

This is done by checking whether they have been bankrupt, have County Court Judgements (CCJs), have not been able to pay their rent in the past, and check that they really are who they say they are.

A credit report is a key element of your financial CV. It can give details credit you have taken out such as credit cards.


  • Name
  • Address Confirmation
  • Electoral Role
  • Tenant Check
  • CCJ History
  • Insolvency 6 Year History Check
  • Past Property Check
  • Linked Addresses
  • Submit Online
  • Reference Check
  • Past Check Verification
  • Linked Addresses
  • Submit Online
  • Tenant Score
  • Salary Confirmation
  • Rent Guarantee Option
  • Past Landlord Report
  • Photographic ID Check